Even though Nathalie Delbez is not heir and not even the owner, she desired to pay homage to the Domain’s ancestors, the Delbez with her finial wine. As her, they cherished this land and gived her the best to receive the most gratying that she have. As they did, she will transmit the Domain, an embellished Domain with an enriched cuvée.



Syrah: For his structure & spicy aromas. Grenache: For his roundness & his exceptionnal fruity aromas. Age of Vines : 25 years Performance : 35 hl/Ha


Intense deep red, gorgeous purple reflection, lot of fat.


Open or decant a few hours before degustation.


Excellent with simmered lamb shoulder, rich flavored slow cooked meals and a ripened cheese


14 months in oak barrel for it’s tannins to come complete and exhale the assemblage qualities and because it takes time to reveal a wine for aging.


16/18° C – 60,8/64,4°F



Small white wine production AOP Coteaux du Languedoc « Terroir de la Méjanelle » South of France

Wine specificitiesNose

Rich & intense, dominated at this day by vanilla but which suggest a lovely riped red fruits (strawberry), garrigue (thyme & laurel), alcohol fruit backed to a discreet caramel note.

Wine specificitiesTasting

Full, silky and round on the palate with thick and grainy tannins giving an endless final. Lots of freshness to this silky feminine wine. A modern and traditionnal wine.

Harvest & Winemaking

Harvested by hand at dawn, when temperatures are at their lowest, the grapes are delicately layed down in crates and then carried to the winery in order to be put in vast, the tannins extraction is slow and delicate.
Nathalie Delbez prefers pigeages and relieving rather than other, less eco friendly and respectuous methods, always sheltered from air and with total control over temperatures to avoid impurities. The alcoholic fermentation is made in a stainless steel tank, the marcs are then immersed a few days to weeks in order to extract it’s quintessence, roundness and thineness are then supported by all the power Nature could give.