The combination of three strenghts

Explore the historyIn a few key dates

Everything wasn’t made in a day and it’s an immense pride to be here today.

Domain's entrance in the familyEntering the family in 1867 “Mas de Calage” is one the rares estates from Montpellier and is still preserved even with the proximity with the city.
Vieux CarignansOldest vineyard in the estate, this capricious old lady with nearly 80 years old still produces an excellent nectar.
HéritageFr d ric Delbez is given from his father, a portion of the estate, and uncommonly takes a rare decision for a heritage passionate man, he thrust the estate to his wife Nathalie who embraces the project.
RestructurationRe-structuring of the 22-hectares estate, she introduces new varieties like Mourv dre, keeping the historic like Rolle or Grenache.
100% OrganicFirst of Nathalie wines, the vineyard are organic now for years.