Galets Roulés

Sélectionné par Le Guide Hachette des Vins - 2019

Deposited more than 3000 years ago by the Rhone, those rolled pebbles became this exceptionnal terroir’s emblem.



Majority of Rolle, aromatic and fresh. Minority of Roussane for its floral flavors and of Grenache Blanc for its roundness. Age of the vineyard: 25 years. Performance: 35 hl/Ha.


Pale yellow colored wine with lovely green grint.


Excellent for an appetizer, also on a grilled fish on plancha, crustacean and hard cheese or fresh goat cheese as well


8/10° C – 46,4/50°F



Small white wine production AOP Coteaux du Languedoc « Terroir de la Méjanelle » South of France

Wine specificitiesNose

Expressive lilac, bergamot and jasmine nose.

Wine specificitiesTasting

Wide aromas with a saline end touch.

Harvest & Winemaking

Harvested by hand at dawn, when temperatures are at their lowest, the grapes are delicately layed down in crates and then carried to the winery in order to be treaded delicately with a pneumatic press. The juices extraction is sensitive and needs to be achieved sheltered from air as the oxygen would oxyde the aromas. They are then stalled at 6°C in order to separate themselves from heavy vegetal components who goes against the wine’s delicacy.