Le Rosé en DéCalage

To treat your papillas, here is the Domain’s Rosé!



Grenache / Mourvèdre / 40hl/Ha


Pale colors in the shades of peach. Expressive nose with raspberry and pomelo aromas. The final touch stays tannic but merges. Thirst-quenching.


Excellent with Tapas, Norvegian salad, Cod brandade Vol au vent, Paëlla.


9/11° C – 48,2/51,8°F




1 – 2 years for it to keep all it’s fruity charm.

Rosé wine production, AOP Languedoc; ``Terroir de la Méjanelle``, South of France

Wine specificitiesNose

The nose presents an agreable harmony which develops itself during the wolde degustation. Fragrance evolves to fresh strawberry, blackberry notes and grapefruit aromas. Those are ornemented with spicy journey evocating notes, with curry, nutmeg and licorice.

Wine specificitiesTasting

Suave sensual mouth with a very soft fruity attack. The aroma bal starts with strawberry which opens the wine’s door who delivers itself with simplicity despite of it’s aromatic complexity. Comming next is grapefruit notes as a final where spices expresses themselves finely as the common thread of the degustation. Futhermore, we feel the maturity of the grapes and the southern France that saw it born in this wine. The mouth is rich, round and with a gorgeous material. Final is fresh and long. You will be delighted by the wood fruits and citrus aromas for a few more instants after drinking this beverage!

Wine specificitiesHarvest & Winemaking

The grapes are harvested by hand at dawn, when temperatures are at their lowest to make us of the freshness and contend against oxydation. Deferred sulphiting is then made to master colors extraction.