A Woman

EncounterHer philosophy

Lawyer by training, Nathalie Delbez, that nothing forshadowed to perpetuate the wine tradition, had no second thought letting go of the path she followed so far, from the city life to comfortable office, to move to coutryside to work on the land. Fallen in love with the terroir and the relationship to the earth, winemaking became a passion and enrichies every day the ancestral
peasant values that became hers and that she perpetuate.
With strong ideas, imagination and motivation, Nathalie Delbez knew how to revive the domain’s vineyards bringing eco-friendly and respectful of traditions, innovations.
This land, this « Gift from heaven » as she says, she gets involved everyday in perpetuating, magnifying and transmetting it. It’s surrounded by the love and kindness of her own that Nathalie Delbez is proud to offer you the DéCalage’s Cuvées.


Restructuration of the 22Ha vineyard, she introduced new wine varieties like Mourvèdre, while keeping the domain’s legacy with, in particular, a 1947 old Carignans.

02Organic Farming

Convinced that she have to demise a clean planet for a long time, she instaured the uncompromising discipline of grape’s organic farming with respectous approaches:

  • Preserving natural balance of soil and plants
  • Searching the organic matter balance
  • Work on the land

03Organic Vinifying

Beyong organic farming, Nathalie rethought the entire vinification process
in order to make it complies with certifying body standards ( ECOCERT ) reducing sulfites level and using exclusively organic pesticides for example.
In order to master every wine varieties’s specificities and take the best part of each, she vinifies them individually.

DéCalage is, in conclusion, her concern of achieving excellence.
It’s her choice to dedicat herself to six humble cuvées over vinifying the
whole domain’s 22Ha. It’s her choice to select only the few vines that she will considered as the best. -