Vieux Carignan

An old, decly, vine variety so precious now.

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100% Carignan / 73 years / 25 hlHa


Beautiful grenadine colors. Expressive, fruity and balsamic nose.


Aeration will help it delivers it’s best self. Open or decant 30 minutes to a few hours before degustation.


Excellent with Grilled duck breast, Rossini beef, Spice and honey lamb leg and Japonese food.


17/19° C – 62,6/66,2°F



IGP Hérault « Terroir de la Méjanelle », South of France

Wine specificitiesNose

Firsts aromas that marks degustation are a agreable fresh fruits, dark berries (blueberries, blackberries), blackcurrant candy, spices (vanilla) and beewax bouquet. The nose is elegant, well-breded and evolves quickly. Every waltz in the glass brings it always more fineness and complexity.

Wine specificitiesTasting

Coherent with the first touch: the fruit expresses itself fittingly and the aging wraps the whole thing. Tasting is upheld by a mineral and a homogeneous freshness which feels like background music. Tannin’s are supple, velvety keeping at the same time Carignan’s rusticity. Structure is frank with a nice stand, an agreeable balance between aromas, tannins and warmth, each dosed with right measure. You will feel, at the end, this whole wine’s richness which flavors lasts a few instants after drinking this beverage. Flavors express the delicacy of a well ripped Carignan produced in quality and original terroir. Freshness is this variety mark.

Wine specificitiesHarvest & Winemaking

Harvested by hand at dawn, when temperatures are at their lowest, the grapes are delicately layed down in crates and then carried to the winery in order to be put in vast, the tannins extraction is slow and delicate. Nathalie Delbez prefers pigeages and relieving rather than other, less eco-friendly and respectuous methods, always sheltered from air and with total control over temperatures to avoid impurities. The alcoholic fermentation is made in a stainless steel tank, the marcs are then immersed a few days to weeks in order to extract it’s quintessence, roundness and thineness are then supported by all the power Nature could give.