Our commitmentsOur organic vision

Deeply involved in our planet preservation and respect, Nathalie Dalbez initiates the organic farming and vinification’s discipline in order to transmit a clean Earth to our childrens.

A story written in excellence.

DiscoverOur wines

Fruit of applied work from harvest to vinification, our wines are the Domain’s pride.

Trois Amours

  • NotesEvery component of the element panel ends up here, the attack is soft and silky. Overall crispy with a nice freshness, however, better not be drunk too cold !
  • PairingExcellent with a pissaladière ( anchovy & ognon tart ), a grilled saussage or a ripened goat cheese.


  • NotesFull, silky and round on the palate with thick and grainy tannins giving an endless final. Lots of freshness to this silky feminine wine. A modern and traditionnal wine.
  • Breeding14 months in oak barrel for it’s tannins to come complete and exhale the assemblage qualities and because it takes time to reveal a wine for aging.
  • PairingExcellent with simmered lamb shoulder, rich flavored slow cooked meals and a ripened cheese.

Vieux Carignan

  • NotesFruit expresses itself aptly and the breeding wraps the whole thing. Degustation is underpinned by a minerality and a homogeneous freshness which feels like an background music.
  • PairingExcellent with Grilled duck breast, Rossini beef, Spice and honey lamb leg and Japonese food.

Entre Deux Soleils

  • NotesLively attack, light toast bread flavoring.
  • Breeding3 months in oak barrel on fine lies with daily stirring.
  • PairingExcellent for an aperitif, also on a grilled fish on plancha, crustacean and hard cheese or fresh goat cheese as well

Galets Roulés

  • NotesLively attack, consistent but flattering boldness with a touch of minerality.
  • PairingObviously as an aperitif, also on a grilled fish on plancha, crustacean and hard cheese or fresh goat cheese as well.

Le Rosé en Décalage

  • NotesSuave sensual mouth with a very soft fruity attack. The aroma bal starts with strawberry which opens the wine’s door who delivers itself with simplicity despite of it’s aromatic complexity. Comming next is grapefruit notes as a final where spices expresses themselves finely as the common thread of the degustation.
  • PairingExcellent with Tapas, Norvegian salad, Cod brandade Vol au vent, Paëlla.

LANDThe vineyards

Enterred in the family in 1867, the vineyards, close to Montpellier offers a peace haven rock by the winds, perfect alchemy to exceptional wines’s confection.

CropsGrapes Varieties

Constituted of typical Languedocien’s grape varieties

Grenache - White


Grenache - Red

Roundness & exceptionnal fruity aromas


Historical domain’s grape from 1947


Structuring with lots of tannin


Structure & spicy aromas


Aromatic freshness


Floral perfumes

WinemakerThe woman behind the vines

With a character as strong as her wines, Nathalie Delbez, without even being the heiress let all her previous life behind her to manage the Domain and resurect this land’s exceptionnal wines.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children. A. of Saint Exupéry

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Come discover our domain, a Languedocien landscape only a few yards away from the city, the ponds, the sea and the mountains.

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